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Build Rewarding Business Relationships

Where businesses go to share information including images, videos and files. Discover new business partners, keep your team 'in the know', build trust and take business relationships to the next level. It's free to get started and for most businesses, that's all you'll ever need.

1. Register your business

2. Invite your team

3. Follow & be followed


Smarter Teams

Your people are tuned in to the businesses of your choosing, immersed in the real time flow of information between the players in your industry. It’s the information your team needs to make sound business decisions, real-time.

More Influential

Let your best people put the right information in front of the followers that matter most. Build trust with business partners and ensure your propositions, people and opinions stand out when it counts.

Stronger Networks

Broaden the connectivity between your business and its partners. Let whole workforces get to know each other. Watch them find new sources of complementary value, new ways of working together. The rewards may be surprising.

You, In Control

The B2B Campus lets your people consume and produce a wide range of web content, but their activity is moderated according to the needs of the business. You choose which businesses your people follow, what content your people publish, and which businesses they publish it to.

Unlimited Uses

Fill your workspace with whatever you want: advertising, research, product details, training videos, last minute deals, and ‘group buy’ shout outs. For added stickiness consider offers that target followers’ employees, or give a partner a leg-up by publishing their posts to your audience.

Systematically Connected

The science of business relationships is broad and deep and our algorithms operate constantly to help you make the most valuable connections. But the art of business relationships is in the hands of your people, so we make it easy for them to identify the businesses they think should be on the team’s radar.