About B2B Campus

B2B Campus is a place where businesses connect with each other and communicate securely on a range of topics related to buying, selling, business operations, and mutual opportunities. A business ensures that ‘followers’ receive precisely the information they need – no more, no less – by placing them in groups and addressing each communication to one or more groups.

Information is shared via workspaces, a kind of ‘electronic noticeboard’. Each business owns a workspace and controls who can post content, what they can post, and who can access and read each post.

B2B marketers have tried to capture the benefits of social networks in the same way that B2C marketers have done and have generally been underwhelmed. B2B Campus attempts to meet this need by combining elements of social networking with the quality and access controls that businesses require.

When it comes to consuming content, a user's access to relevant posts is determined almost exclusively by who their employer is and the strength of the employer’s network. When it comes to creating content, a businesses decides which employees will 'speak on their behalf', and maintains quality by approving all posts to its workspace.

To capture the full benefits of B2B Campus, employers should maximise the number of team members who are engaging in business relationships via the platform. The end game for each business is a well maintained, strong business network, and a well informed team.