Beta Notice

This is a beta release of B2B Campus, which means that it is officially a test release. We have opened it to customers at this early stage because we would really appreciate your feedback, sooner rather than later. The beta is currently open to Australian businesses only.

All features will be available in the beta with the exception of Upgrade Subscription. This means that all businesses must use the free subscription which currently limits your workspace to 12 active posts.

Since it is a test release it is possible that you will encounter bugs and other issues. If you do encounter an issue please let us know as soon as possible. Most bug fixes can be implemented and released back to the web within a few hours.

We would also like to hear any improvement suggestions or feature requests that you have. Now is the time to have your say, while B2B Campus is still young.

We really do appreciate your help to make this software better. Here are a few specific things you can do:

  • Sign up to B2B Campus and start using it to connect and communicate with other businesses
  • Let other businesses know about B2B Campus by sending them a shout out from your user profile
  • Invite your staff to use the platform, ask them to read this beta notice and give feedback
  • Report any issues you encounter including details of the device eg. mobile or desktop, make/model, browser type
  • Let us know your improvement suggestions and feature requests

Please send your questions and feedback to If you would like to understand the beta process in more detail, this wikipedia article may be of interest.

Many thanks,

The B2B Campus Team