What does B2B Campus do?

B2B Campus connects businesses to each other and improves the flow of information between them. Businesses connect with existing customers, suppliers, competitors and others, and meet new businesses. Whole teams get to know each other by exchanging information on 'workspaces'.

Who is it for?

B2B Campus is for businesses of all types and sizes including their employees. A user with no employer is welcome to join but may not get the full benefit of the community, as the permissions of independent users are limited.

What are the benefits?

An improved online presence, a more informed workforce, stronger and more productive business relationships.

What does it cost?

It is free. Register, invite your staff, follow your peers and start posting content to your workspace. If you outgrow the standard workspace you may consider moving to a paid subscription.

What content will I find/share?

We currently have around 20 categories broadly related to sales (e.g. Advertisements, Last Minute Deals), supplies (e.g. Request for Interest, Group Buying), promotion (e.g. Event Information), operations (e.g. Terms & Conditions, Warranties), and mutual value (e.g. Shared Opportunities).

How long do posts display for?

Each post has an expiry date which may be up to 12 months in the future. If the post is not deleted or retired prior, it is expired on this date.

Is my content secure?

Yes. If you want a post to be visible to all users, make it public. If you want a post to be visible to the employees of one other business only (plus your own employees), make it private. If you want a post to be visible to the employees of a particular group of businesses, publish it to that peer group.

Can users comment on posts?

No, but we will introduce it if the demand is there.

What content formats are supported?

Text, images, embedded video, links to public web content and secure files. Additional formats are planned, along with integration to selected social media platforms and other content sources.

How does it relate to social media? Other platforms?

B2B Campus connects businesses while a social network connects people. In either case, users are both producers and consumers of content. In the case of B2B Campus however, that activity is moderated according to the needs of the employer.

What if the businesses I want to follow are not registered yet?

Send them a shout out while you are logged in.

How do you suggest connections?

When it comes to business relationships, the science of attraction is a complex area and we continue to tune our algorithms as the network matures.

What are the benefits for individuals?

B2B Campus can improve your productivity and it adds to your overall online profile. In addition, businesses followed by your employer may target your team with special offers, or promote a more general industry offer. (We call this B2B2E).

Can a user connect to multiple employers?


What happens if I lose my employment?

Your account remains active and you become an independent user. Like life itself, the Campus becomes much more exciting when you connect with your next employer (which we hope will be soon).

What countries is B2B Campus in?

Australia at the moment, but we plan to rollout elsewhere.